“Age, Hearing, and Speech Comprehension”

A Festschrift for Art Wingfield
Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, USA
July 22, 2014


Art Wingfield has been a professor at Brandeis University for over four decades, over which time he has made noteworthy contributions to areas of speech comprehension, cognitive aging, memory, and aphasia. Art has mentored some 15 PhD students as well as numerous postdocs, Masters students, undergraduate students, and research assistants, many of whom have gone on to distinguished research and teaching careers of their own.

In July 2014 we gathered at Brandeis for a one-day symposium honoring Art, organized around the topic of Age, Hearing, and Speech Comprehension. Speakers included former lab members and prominent researchers in the field. It was a festive gathering!

At the Festschrift we also announced a travel award in Art's name that will be made annually to a Brandeis University graduate student. Thanks to generous gifts from many friends, colleagues, and former students, the fund is off to a good start. If you haven't given already, please consider making a contribution!

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Art at Northwestern

Art at Northwestern

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Art and Raj Stewart, c. 2006

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Wingfield Lab 2014

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