9:00Welcome and announcements
9:15Robert Remez (former Brandeis undergraduate with Art), Columbia University
“Modulation sensitivity in the perceptual organization of speech”
9:45Kathy Pichora-Fuller, University of Toronto Mississauga
“Effects of vocal emotion on speech understanding and memory in younger and older adults”
10:15Coffee break and group photo
10:45Stefanie Kuchinsky (former Brandeis undergraduate with Art), University of Maryland
“Assessing variation in cognitive demands during speech recognition”
11:15Bruce Schneider, University of Toronto Mississauga
“How spoken language comprehension is achieved by older listeners in multi-talker conversations”
12:00Liz Stine-Morrow (former postdoc with Art), University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
“Age differences in language segmentation: What, how, and why?”
2:00Mark Eckert, Medical University of South Carolina
“Imaging intent to listen in older adults”
2:45Jonathan Peelle (former PhD student with Art), Washington University
“The effect of age and acoustic challenge on memory for narrative speech”
3:30Cai Wingfield, Sympletic Ltd.
"Using multivariate analysis of fMRI data to investigate lexical representation"
4:00Murray Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
“Neurobiology of conversation: What can we learn about aging from neurodegenerative disease?”
4:30Closing remarks

Solea Restaurant and Tapas Bar
388 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453

We will help arrange carpooling for those who need rides over to the restaurant; there will be an announcement at the festschrift. There is a little lot right behind Solea that is not public. However there is street parking as well as lots off of Chestnut street, Walnut street, and Spruce street. Parking is free after 6pm as well.