Commuter Rail Directions to Brandeis

What follows are directions to the Festschrift from downtown Boston for those interested in using public transit (MBTA). To do this, you must travel from your starting point to North Station’s Commuter Rail Terminal.  From Fairmont Battery Wharf, it is best to walk directly to the station (although the concierge may have better suggestions).  From the Harborside Inn, walk to State Street and take the Orange Line Subway to North Station’s Subway terminal, then follow the signs to the Commuter Rail Terminal (detailed directions below). Directions from the Commuter Rail station to the Shapiro Campus Center at Brandeis, where the Festschrift will be held, are also included.

The commuter rail is the fastest, least expensive, and possibly most comfortable way to get to Brandeis from downtown.  Seventeen trains leave North Station toward Brandeis per day.  To arrive at the Festschrift before 9am, I recommend the 7:27am or 8:12am departures toward South Acton.  These trains leave on time, so I highly recommend arriving 15 minutes before your train’s scheduled departure.

Commuter Rail Schedule can be found here (Outbound is toward Brandeis) :

Also, the commuter rail is occasionally delayed. Delays are posted on the MBTA website.  They can be accessed here:

While navigating public transit in a new city can be intimidating, the commuter rail is an expedient, relaxing, and fun method of getting to Brandeis.  Just give yourself a little bit of extra time to learn the ropes.

From Fairmont Battery Wharf to North Station:

Map for Walking to North Station:

  • Head South West on Battery Wharf toward Harborwalk (279 ft)
  • Turn Right on Commericial Street (.4 mi)
  • Slight Right toward Causeway Street (272 ft)
  • Continue onto Causeway Street (.1 mi).

Enter the Commuter Rail Station on the right.  Find either a kiosk or a ticket counter and purchase a Zone 2 commuter rail ticket ($6.25 one way, $12.50 round trip).

From Harborside Inn to North Station:

Map for Walking to State Street Station:

Walk west on State Street (away from the harbor) to State Street Station (about .2 mi).

At State Street Station (Orange Line toward Oak Grove), find a kiosk and purchase a Charlieticket (specify $2.65 as the amount, or $5.30 round trip).  In a separate transaction, purchase a commuter rail ticket (Zone 2, $6.25, $12.50 round trip). Use your Charlieticket to go past the turnstiles and follow the signs to the Orange Line toward Oak Grove.  Ride for two stops until North Station.  After disembarking, follow the signs up the escalator and out of the subway station to the Commuter Rail Station (you will temporarily be outside, just follow the signs and the crowd). 

From North Station to the Shapiro Campus Center at Brandeis:

Inside the Commuter Rail Terminal there is a large board (and several smaller TV screens) that show which platform each train will be boarding.  The trains are posted according to their final stop.  The 7:27am and 8:12am trains terminate in South Acton, so look for the trains toward South Acton.  The 8:55am train ends in Fitchburg. The platforms are typically announced 10 minutes before the train’s departure time.  Board the train and keep your ticket handy for the conductor.  Depart the train at the Brandeis/ Roberts Station stop (the stop after Waltham Station).  

Walking Directions to Shapiro Campus Center from Brandeis/Roberts Station:

Walk across the Parking Lot and cross the road ahead (South Street) and head right, up the hill.  Make a left at the first paved path/driveway (250 ft, there’s a sign for Brandeis and a Campus Map).  Follow about 200 ft and then walk up the stairs to the right.  Follow the path about .2 miles (crossing Loop Rd) and you’ll see a large green building fronted by a large green lawn on the left.  That is the Shapiro Campus Center.  The Festschrift will take place in that building on the First Floor.