Experimental Aging Research Special Issue: Information for Contributors

The approximate timeline for the special issue will be:

  1. Final abstracts in November 15, 2014. Please send these to me (Jonathan) and I will collate and pass along to the journal.
  2. Manuscripts submitted March 1, 2015
  3. Final versions of manuscripts July/August 2015

Manuscript submission

Please follow the EAR instructions for authors in abstracts and in manuscript submissions, including double-spacing, structured abstract, and figure guidelines.

To submit your manuscript, email a PDF to me (Jonathan). No doubt for the final version the journal will require a Word document and separate figure files, but no need to worry about that for now. Suggested reviewers are welcome (and I will probably ask several of you to serve as reviewers, as well).

There will be a fairly strict manuscript length of 21 pages (double spaced, including references). Please make sure you adhere to this requirement or I will send the manuscript back to you! Remember Strunk and White—"Omit needless words!"