Controlling your environment - Sarah Wayland

I borrowed some equipment from one of Art's colleagues at UMass Boston. I told him I would return it in 3 weeks. As I worked on developing my stimuli, it became clear that I needed more time. 

I started spending a LOT of time in the soundproof booth to try to finish in time. After 3 very late nights, the last of which was an all nighter, I was a wreck. Art came in and asked how I was doing, and I dissolved in a puddle of tears. 

Once I explained the situation, he suggested that I call his colleague and ask if I could borrow the equipment for another week. Of course he said yes. Problem solved. 

After the crisis was over, Art said, "Sarah, never construct your environment so it makes you crazy." It had never occurred to me that *I* had the ability to control my environment and change it so that I could function more effectively. This advice was, for me, life-altering.

I am so grateful that I worked with such a wise man.