The Note - Marianne Fallon

When I was a post-doc with Art (c. 2006) we submitted an abstract to the Cognitive Aging Conference. The acceptance returned with an upgrade — to give a talk. I was, at first, very excited, which soon gave way to panic. We constructed the talk, I gave it at a lab meeting, received feedback, made the changes, etc. Then it was time to deliver my first oral presentation at a professional conference. The presentation went well (AV problems not withstanding) and Keith Rayner, who chaired the session, told me that I did a fine job. Whew! But what came next was so much more important. Art, who was sitting about three rows behind, asked those in front of him to pass a note to me. In it, he wrote about how proud he was of me and how confident he was that I would do well. He called me a "natural".

I still have that note. It's in the middle left drawer in the desk in my office. On "bad" days, I read that note — sometimes twice. It is one of the things I cherish most.

I cannot begin to thank Art — and Eve — for their grace, kindness, and generosity.